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Why Regular Visits to Your Dentist in Washington, D.C. are Important

January 4, 2018

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woman mouth open dental examOne of the priceless assets we have in this world is time. And unlike most resources, once it’s gone, we can’t recover it. Therefore, we try our best to make sure that it’s not wasted or misdirected. But there are some occasions where we just aren’t sure about where to direct our time and attention and then suddenly, a disaster happens, and we’re like, “Wow, I wish I would have…” When it comes to your dentist in Washington, D.C., she understands all too well how time and energy can easily be misdirected. And she knows that a simple activity like visiting your local dentist semi-annually for cleanings and checkups can be overlooked. So as you read on, she’ll explain why these appointments are so important and well worth your time.

Why Six-Month Visits are Important

Six-month (semi-annual) visits to your dentist are so important because they serve as one of the pillars of your oral health – the other being your oral hygiene. These visits can save you a lot of trouble and frustration down the road because it allows your dentist to monitor your oral health.

It’s like taking your car for an oil change or tune-up. The people who maintain such practices always get the maximum miles and performance out of their vehicles. This also prevents huge surprises that are extremely costly like engine or transmission failure. If you apply the same logic to your oral health, then it makes perfect sense to pay your dentist a visit semi-annually.

And just as taking your vehicle in for regular maintenance saves you money, visiting your dentist twice a year spares your wallet as well, as preventive care is up to 100% covered by most dental insurance carriers. However, the more involved that procedures get, the more you can expect to pay in out-of-pocket costs.

What Happens at Semi-Annual Visits?

Here’s what you can expect to happen at your six-month visit to your dentist:

  • Initial Discussion with Your Dental Hygienist – The purpose of this interaction is to establish your overall health history, find out whether you’re taking any medications and discuss any concerns you may have.
  • Teeth Cleaning – Your hygienist will then perform a thorough cleaning, removing built up plaque and tartar from your teeth and gum line.
  • Examination – After your teeth are cleaned, your mouth will be examined for gum swelling, mouth sores or redness.
  • X-rays – The next step is to have X-rays taken of your mouth for the dentist to later evaluate.
  • Examination by Dentist – Now your dentist will evaluate your X-rays to check for any fractures, gum line movement, jaw misalignment or oral cancer. She will also feel around your jawbone and neck to make sure there are no issues.
  • Results – Your visit with your dentist will conclude with a conversation about her findings and overall assessment of your oral health. At this time, she will also recommend any other treatments that are necessary to restore you to an optimum state.
  • Scheduling – Before you leave, you’ll have an opportunity to schedule your next visit with your dentist so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting in the future.

You are now fully equipped and empowered by knowing exactly where you stand with your oral health, and by visiting your dentist in Rockville, you’re also confident that your time has been well spent.

About the Author

Dr. Jingchao (Jean) Li is a board-certified periodontist, specializing in gum disease therapy and the placement of dental implants. She practices at Dlight Dental and can be reached for more information through her website.

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