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Your Dentist in Rockville Says Ask Your Hygienist These Questions

February 12, 2018

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dental hygienist cleaning patient’s mouthOne of the great benefits of preventive dentistry is that if offers you a very thorough oral examination performed by your dental hygienist. During this visit, though, your dentist in Rockville says you should also consider maximizing the moment; ask your hygienist some very important questions, which he or she will gladly answer for you. These queries will serve you well in your quest for excellent oral health, and you’ll learn what they are as you continue reading.

The Top Questions to Ask Your Hygienist

Here are some questions to ask after your oral examination has been completed:

  • Personal Improvements – It’s always great to seek ways that you can improve your oral care efforts. Once you are aware of the areas that you can get better in, you are able to make sure and effective changes. This will result in immediate and lasting benefits.
  • Communication with My Physician – After your examination is complete, you also want to ask your hygienist if he or she noticed anything that needs to be brought to the attention of your primary care physician.
  • Any Strange Things Seen – Your dental hygienist will have a “bird’s-eye” view of your mouth and has special training to notice issues that may be related to other health problems. So you want to be made aware of any bleeding, bumps or sores.

Things to Bring to Your Hygienist’s Attention

Along with asking questions, it is equally important to bring any pertinent information to your hygienist’s attention. In the long-run, the better you communicate, the more precise care you can receive.

Here are some key items to bring up:

  • Changes in Medications – Have there been any alterations to the medication(s) you’re taking? Have you had any recent changes in your health? These are important to relay to your dental hygienist to ensure your safety and so that you can enjoy the best care possible.
  • Dry Mouth-Odor – Have you noticed that your mouth is constantly dry and odorous? This could be a sign that you have excessive bacteria growth. Be sure to bring it to your hygienist’s attention so that a plan of action can be developed.
  • Sensitivity to Pain – Have you been experiencing sensitivity or pain in any form? If so, then tell your dental hygienist about it. You could have tooth decay, worn down enamel or some other issue.

The overall theme of this entire discussion is the word communication. It is vital, so don’t hesitate or feel embarrassed to ask questions or share whatever is going on with your mouth, teeth and gums. Your local professionals are there to help.

So to schedule you first appointment, just reach out to your dentist in Washington, D.C.

About the Author

Dr. Jingchao (Jean) Li, DDS, is a board-certified periodontist (gum specialist) with the specialized training and experience to perform such tedious processes as gum disease therapy and the placement of dental implants. In addition, she is a Diplomate of the American Board of Periodontology. Dr. Li delivers expert and compassionate care at Dlight Dental and can be reached for more information through her website.

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