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Digital Dentistry

Digital Dentistry is a complete and rather holistic dental treatment concept. It involves using the most recent high-tech methods for diagnostics, planning, and guiding your dental treatment plans. For example, to diagnose dental disease, we use digital cameras that use only one-fifth the radiation of traditional x-rays. Also, with these digital techniques, we provide state-of-the-art screenings for oral cancer detection.

Dental Simulation Software

Woman receiving digital impressionsUsing our state-of-the-art dental simulation software and digital imaging technology, we can show you exactly how a suggested cosmetic dental treatment can improve your looks. You can even take the image home to consult your family members while you evaluate your treatment options.

3D Diagnostics in Implant Dentistry

3D diagnostics scansOur new 3D Sirona digital scanner sets a new standard for the LOWEST radiation dosage and the HIGHEST image quality. Also, it provides our team the ability to instantly see the entire craniofacial region with the finest anatomical details in 3D. This allows us to detect any possible pathology of the head and neck region. With its incredible integrated software, we can formulate computer-aided implant surgery guides and virtually plan an implant placement with a patient reviewing the procedure with us in the dental chair.

This process can be done instantly right after the scan is taken during a patient’s first consultation appointment for implant therapy. With our prosthetic, surgical, and dental technology teams all under one roof, we can often have implant therapy completed in just one visit.

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