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Invisalign® in Washington, D.C.

Your Clear Path to a Straighter Smile

The Invisalign system uses clear, computer-designed removable aligner trays to quickly and comfortably straighten crooked teeth. They are practically invisible, and in most cases, they move the teeth more efficiently than conventional braces.

Invisalign will also help you maintain good oral hygiene because you can take the aligners off before eating or cleaning your teeth. To begin, a series of alignment trays will be computer manufactured for your treatment. As your correction progresses, you’ll replace each aligner with the next one until you go through all of them. After you have worn the entire series, your smile will be completely straight.

How Long Will the Whole Treatment Take?

Patient placing an Invisalign trayOn average, the Invisalign treatment process lasts about a year. However, individual scenarios vary considerably. Please talk to your dentist about your specific situation.

What is Invisalign Express?

Closeup of patient placing an Invisalign alignerInvisalign® and Invisalign Express ® are actually the same type of treatment. The Express option is simply a scaled down version of the regular Invisalign system. Invisalign Express is a way to treat less complex orthodontic cases at a lower price.

For example, a regular Invisalign treatment may involve up to thirty aligner sets depending on the complexity of the correction needed. For Invisalign Express, however, only ten or less aligner trays are used. Due to the reduction in the number of trays and the number of required dental visits, the cost involved will be much less for Invisalign Express.

Because a reduced number of aligners is used, the express plan is recommended only for the simplest of orthodontic cases. This includes treating limited arch expansions, mild tooth crowding, and minor tooth rotations. We also recommend the express system to make minor tooth alignment improvements for cosmetic dental procedures such as porcelain veneers.

What’s It Like To Get Invisalign?

Hand holding a clear alignerDuring your first visit, your dentist will develop your treatment plan. This will include checking your tooth alignment and taking a full mouth panoramic x-ray. We will also take precision molds of your upper and lower teeth. These molds are then sent to an Invisalign lab where a series of computer-generated aligner trays will be crafted. These clear, removable aligners will gradually move your teeth into the desired position.

You will change your aligner to a new one every two to three weeks. We will check your progress after each set of aligners is given to you. We can also give you a series of aligners at once if you prefer to visit us less frequently. You must wear your aligners all the time except when you eat, brush, and floss.

Things To Consider When Using Invisalign

Woman placing her clear Invisalign tray

  • While wearing Invisalign alignment trays, you must maintain good oral hygiene. Otherwise, you may risk cavity formation. However, most of our patients reported that their oral hygiene habits improved due to the fact that they were wearing Invisalign.
  • Patient compliance in regularly wearing the Invisalign aligners is required. Otherwise, your teeth may not move as fast as you expect.
  • Invisalign is not an ideal choice when severe teeth correction or bone movements are necessary.
  • When crowded teeth are involved, thinning the width of the teeth is often required when getting Invisalign. A narrow gap will be created between the teeth by filing the enamel, and this will provide the extra space required for the inward movement of the teeth.

What Is The Cost Of Invisalign Treatment?

Clear Invisalign alignerThe cost of Invisalign is often comparable to traditional metal braces. The cost is mostly dependent on how many aligner trays are needed to achieve the desired correction. Our experienced doctors will be happy to schedule an appointment so we can give you an accurate estimate of the cost in your particular case.