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Words from our patients

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    "Dlight Dental is a great place to go for your dental needs they made me feel welcomed relaxed and assured me of the safety I can only say thank you for a job well done!"

    Denise C.
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    "Super professional and informative. Also very efficient, which is especially important these days."

    Kyle R.
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    "Great doctors, super kind and informative even when undergoing a scary treatment! Would highly recommend."

    Annie K.
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    "The Dlight dental office is really awesome, particularly since they have expanded. It feels very modern, hygenic and yet warm."

    Rick C.
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    "The Staff was polite, efficient and professional. The office was very clean and comforting."

    Dwayne B.
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    "All of the staff was very welcoming and made me feel comfortable despite the dentist nerves."

    Sarah S.
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    "Always good to double check that they accept your insurance (mine covered the vast majority which of course helped with my overall positive experience)."

    Fiona K.