Root Canals

High-tech, Comfortable Root Canals

When the pulp inside a tooth has been compromised—either due to decay or trauma—root canal therapy is needed to stop the pain and save the tooth.

Our doctors are skilled at performing root canal therapy and use the latest dental technologies for safe, efficient and effective treatment:

  • For a tooth near the back of the mouth, the doctors can use our CT scanner to get a good look at the tooth’s canals with a 3D X-ray.
  • To clean the interior of the tooth, the doctors use a sophisticated dental laser that makes the treatment extremely thorough and far more gentle than traditional root canal techniques (see Laser Root Canal Therapy below).
Pain emanating from inside your tooth could be a signal you need root canal therapy. If you are experiencing tooth pain, call or use the form below to schedule an appointment and take advantage of our $99 New Patient Special Offer!

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How Does Root Canal Therapy Work?

After using an apex locator to determine the exact depth of the root canal, our doctors will thoroughly clean the inside of your problematic tooth, fill it and seal it with a beautiful, natural-looking and long-lasting dental crown.

Meet the doctors and find out more about root canal therapy with our $99 New Patient Special!

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Laser Root Canal Treatment

Traditional root canal treatment sees doctors scraping and shaving down the interior walls of a tooth with a file, but the doctors at Dlight Dental use the Fontona LightWalker® dental laser to eradicate all traces of the infection less invasively. This high-tech treatment is gentler and more effective at completely cleaning all the complex and hidden nooks and crannys that are present in a tooth’s root canals. Instead of scraping away with a file, the doctors use irrigation with the laser to create vibrations that break up and remove all the areas of infection, no matter how well-hidden they may be.

Fontona LightWalker®

Our Fotona LightWalker laser

$99 New Patient Special

New Patients can take advantage of our New Patient Special Offer and receive a full exam, panoramic X-ray and consultation with our doctors.


  • Full oral examination
  • Digital panoramic X-ray
  • Consultation with the doctor
  • Discuss your treatment options
  • Get all your questions answered
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