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At least 178 million Americans have lost one or more of their adult teeth. When you lose a tooth to decay or trauma, replacement is the best way to preserve your remaining natural teeth and general oral health. At Dlight Dental, the team of dedicated professionals performs dental implant assessments, preparation, and placement using the latest technology. Call the Washington, DC, or Rockville, Maryland, office or request an appointment online.

Dental Implants Q & A

What are dental implants?

Dental implants offer a sturdy new foundation to support replacement teeth. A dental implant is a titanium post that rests inside your jawbone, replacing your tooth roots. Your jawbone grows around the implant to stabilize it. The implant holds an artificial tooth that matches the tooth you lost. 

What are the benefits of dental implants?

Your replacement tooth fits perfectly, feels comfortable, and performs just like a healthy natural tooth. You can eat and speak normally, something that's sometimes challenging with other options like dentures.  

Dental implants support realistic-looking replacement teeth, allowing you to smile with confidence. Having a dental implant in your jaw also prevents bone loss, a typical complication of tooth loss.

Using the latest dental implant advances, such as Straumann® implants, Dlight Dental can place dental implants quickly and comfortably.  

What can I expect during the dental implant process?

The first step is a dental exam, digital imaging, and health history. The Dlight Dental team can discuss all your health needs and answer questions during your consultation. 

During your dental implant surgery, the team makes an incision in your gums and installs the implant post in your jawbone. The process can then differ with the type of implant.

Single stage implants

For single stage implants, which only require one surgery, the team attaches a healing abutment — a small connector piece that protrudes just above your gum line — at the time of your surgery. 

After that, you'll have at least six weeks healing time before returning to get your new teeth. New teeth attachment is a nonsurgical procedure.

Two stage implants

With two stage implants, you'll return to Dlight Dental for a second procedure after 3-6 months of healing time. In your second procedure, the team exposes your implant posts. 

They attach your abutments, and then you'll typically have a waiting period while the team creates your new artificial teeth. Finally, you'll have another appointment to attach the new teeth to the abutments. 

The team can explain whether one or two stage dental implants is best for your needs. In general, a one stage dental implant is better suited for people with excellent bone density, while a two stage implant can perform better if you have some bone loss or a weak jawbone. 

Call the Dlight Dental office in your area or request a dental implant consultation online.