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If you develop a severe cavity or your wisdom teeth become impacted, tooth extractions can limit pain, preserve your smile, and improve your oral health. At Dlight Dental, the team boasts years of experience performing simple and surgical extractions. To request an appointment at the practice in Washington, DC, or Rockville, Maryland, call the office to speak with a caring staff member or click the online tool.

Tooth Extractions Q & A

What are tooth extractions?

A tooth extraction is an outpatient procedure that removes one or several teeth. Many teens and young adults undergo wisdom teeth extractions, but there are several other reasons you might need to undergo this type of treatment, including cavities, infection, or crowding. 

At Dlight Dental, the team performs extractions under local anesthesia, ensuring your comfort. For people who experience dental anxiety, they also offer sedation dentistry with nitrous oxide (laughing gas).

Can anyone undergo tooth extractions?

Tooth extractions are safe and well-tolerated, but they aren’t right for everyone. For example, if you have an underlying medical condition like a congenital heart defect, kidney disease, or an impaired immune system, extractions may increase the risk of complications. 

Before undergoing extractions, your provider will want to ensure any health problems are stable and under control. 

What do tooth extractions involve?

At Dlight Dental, the team performs two types of tooth extractions:

Simple tooth extractions

If your affected tooth is easy to access, your provider performs a simple extraction. After administering a local anesthetic, they carefully loosen your tooth and remove it with dental forceps. It’s normal to feel some pressure during the procedure, but the anesthesia ensures there’s no pain or discomfort. 

Surgical tooth extractions

If you have impacted teeth that are below the gum line, your provider performs a surgical extraction. When your anesthesia sets in, they access the tooth beneath your gums and section it into pieces. Then, they remove each tooth and apply sutures to encourage healing.

How long does recovery take following tooth extractions?

Following tooth extractions, it takes 24-48 hours to fully recover. Once your anesthesia wears off, it’s normal to experience some mild pain, swelling, and increased sensitivity. To limit irritation, apply a bag of ice to your cheek or take over-the-counter pain medication.

For the first day or two, eat only soft foods like scrambled eggs, mashed potatoes, or yogurt and avoid drinking out of a straw to prevent a painful dry socket. 

Continue to brush and floss but be gentle near the extractions site. Your mouth should feel back to normal within a week, but if any symptoms persist, contact your provider at Dlight Dental.

If you suspect you need tooth extractions, request an appointment at Dlight Dental by calling the nearest office to speak with a caring administrative staff member or clicking the online tool.