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TMJ/TMD Therapy

Relieve Your Chronic Pain

The temporomandibular joints (TMJ) are the small hinges that connect the jaw to the skull bone. When these joints are damaged or strained, the result can be pain or impeded movement when smiling, speaking, or laughing. This oral health concern is referred to as TMJ dysfunction or TMD. At Dlight Dental, we offer a wide range of TMJ dysfunction therapies to relieve discomfort and restore our patients’ full range of movement. Contact us to schedule a TMD consultation.

TMJ/TMD Diagnosis

X-ray of skull and jawboneTMJ dysfunction occurs for a variety of reasons, and determining the underlying cause of the problem will allow us to provide the best possible treatment. Contact our team if you experience any of the common warning signs of TMJ dysfunction including:

  • Jaw pain while moving or at rest
  • Impeded jaw movement or complete inability to comfortably open and close the mouth
  • Clicking or grinding sound when opening and closing the mouth

TMD Treatments and Occlusal Adjustments

Model of skull and jawboneWhen we determine that you’re suffering from TMD, we’ll immediately begin planning your treatment. This can include a number of solutions. We’ll begin by recommending conservative options like at-home stretching and exercises to naturally reposition the jaw. Then, we’ll create an oral appliance you’ll only wear at night. These appliances are crafted to shift the jaw into its most comfortable resting position and relieve any undue strain or excessive use of the jaw joints during sleep. Over time, most patients are able to achieve comfortable jaw movement with these minor interventions, but for those who need more advanced treatments, we’ll work with specialists as necessary to repair your strained or damaged TMJ.

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